Spring TBR

Spring is the month of birth, in the flowers, trees and little animals and it always puts me in an amazing mood. I never really know what i want to read in this season, so I have quite the collection of different books here I’m eager to get to.

12974372A Natural History of Dragons

Lately, I have been pushing out of my comfort zone and trying new things, and I personally think this unique book is a great opportunity to try out something really different. I love dragons and love the idea of this archaeological type plot that we follow along to, so I’m excited to read this. And can’t wait to tell you all my thoughts on it.


A Darker Shade final for IreneA Darker Shade of Magic

This is the main Victoria Schwab book i have wanted to get to, and probably the one that will determine if i like her as an author or not. I’ve read one book i liked by her and one book i hated. So I sure have a lot riding on this series; however, it sounds so intriguing and unlike anything else i have read, so hopefully it turns in my favour and I end up loving it!


932671A Study in Scarlet

Sherlock Holmes is one i have wanted to read for as long as i can remember but I’ve never tried to pick it up. I figure that starting with the book Holmes, and Watson first initially meet each other is probably the best to go, so I’ve bought myself this book, which means no more procrastinating. Plus it’s about 150 pages, so i have no real excuse not to get to this one.


34523174Into the Drowning Deep

Have any of you guys heard of Merphy Napier? She has her own booktube channel and has mentioned this book several times for being an accurate and dark representation of mermaids, and its gotten me really intrigued. I usually can’t stand books with mermaids because they’re not represented in the way folklore expresses them, so i hope this is as good as she says it is.



I’ve had this book on my shelf since December and have still not picked it up yet. The thing is, i love science fiction, and space can either be done well or not, so I’m always so hesitant to pick it up, but it looks like sure a fun and adventurous book, I’d really like to get to it. And see what all the fuss is about, as this is one severely hyped up book!


I love how i started out saying how spring is so beautiful and full of birth and happiness, and then i go and pick dark books to read. So typical! hah

Have you read any of these books, If so what did you think of them? And what books are on your Spring TBR?


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Disclaimer: All book covers were taken off of the Goodreads website. All rights and acknowledgements go to the people at Goodreads.

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